Dylan Thomas

VideoController.gif (23854 bytes)Automatic Video Controller

This state of the art unit can, when triggered, activate a standard domestic video recorder to record, then switch it off after an adjustable delay The record time is adjustable ( 30 secs - 5 mins ) because different applications require need different approaches. An area where there is a regular traffic flow at certain periods ( e.g. rush hour , school leaving etc ) will need a shorter record period, to allow for the frequent activation's at these times than a more remote area, with little traffic.

If, in a domestic situation, when the occupiers are on holiday, a Video Controller has been set for 2 mins each activation, then a normal LP video recorder with a 240 tape will last 8 hours, so giving 240 activation's. If the property is visited, and detectors activated on an average of 10 times a day ( quite a high rate ) then the property will be protected for 24 days.

When the Video Controller is used in conjunction with the Advanced Vision 4 camera switcher, then when an alarm activation occurs, then the switcher sends an audio tone down the coaxial cable to the video recorder. This audio tone can be used to activate the Video Controller, so allowing a totally wire free installation, resulting in no damage to decor. It will only activate the video when it is on the CCTV camera channel, so it will not record over your favorite tape.

The Video Controller can also be activated by any DC input from 4 - 24 volts, which allows it to be controlled by any alarm panel, P.I.R. detector, Motion Detector even by the doorbell. By utilising almost any domestic video recorder, the Automatic Video Controller can allow you to have a sophisticated CCTV security system, while using your existing video recorder and TV.