Dylan Thomas

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System Q Switcher

Top quality 4 camera ( expandable to 8 cameras ) sequential camera switcher / alarm control panel, suitable for domestic or small business use, especially retail, with a superb reproduction quality and the following specifications.

QCamera01.gif (10780 bytes)1. Both video and modulated RF output, allowing connection to professional time lapse VCRs and monitors, or directly to an aerial system giving access to any TV on that system ( block of flats or large residential property ).

2. Fully adjustable intelligent sequential switcher with "video - loss" alarm.

PIR.gif (10049 bytes)3. Switched audio & video, automatically or manually, by using the remote or the keypad.

4. Can also be used to control floodlights, automatically using alarm inputs, or manually with the remote or the keypad.

5. Unlimited alarm inputs for P.I.R detectors, door contacts, door bells, etc to switch cameras, activate floodlights and auto VCR recording, as required.

KeyFab.gif (11567 bytes)6. Can be used with almost any cameras.

7. Allows for long and discrete cable runs, using only "telephone sized" easily hidden cables.

8. Individual camera contrast control.

9. Can be mounted anywhere convenient, usually in the attic (near the aerial system) or the airing cupboard etc.

10. C.E. approved.

11. Very user friendly, even for the elderly or children, only the TV remote control is needed to access the system.