The AquaCam.


This incredible underwater camera is virtually indestructable and unbelievebly simple to use.  Supplied fully connected, the lens pre-fitted and auto-focused, installation is both trouble-free and fast.  Excellent focus is achieved from 5 cms to 10 meters.  With built-in LEDs, the camera provides close-range night-time surveillance without additional lighting.

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Built to such an outstanding quality, the AquaCam is used underwater without any additional enclosures for protection down to a depth of 5 meters.   A huge cost saving compared with conventional underwater cameras!

Its small size means it is easy to manueuvre through the smallest of apertures and the simple bracket arrangement facilitates easy angling in fixed installations.

It is ideal for any underwater monitoring of fish, pollution or machinery.  For use inspecting boat hulls or as a service aid for pipe inspections.   It can also be used in fishponds or aquariums for pleasure & relaxation.

Cost of camera kit only 265.00. + 4.50 P/P + VAT.

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Kit includes: Camera with mounting bracket, 50meters of cable & 12volt PSU.  All you need is a monitor and VCR if you wish to watch & record your underwater surveillance.

Technical Specification.

B&W                                                     Colour

1/3 inch Black & white CCD                                                            1/3 inch Colour Digital CCD

1v p-p 75 ohm                                                                                    1v p-p 75 ohm

420 TVL                                                                                              380 TVL

0.1 Lux, F 2.0                                                                                      0.2 Lux, F 1.4

DC 10v - 13v approx 100ma                                                              DC 10v - 13v approx 90ma

3.6mm lens (90degree angle)                                                          3.6mm lens (90 degree angle)

70mm Long X 32mm Diam                                                               70mm Long X 32mm Diam

Supplied with 50 meters of cable                                                    Supplied with 50 meters of cable


This unit is made out of cast brass for a tough but environmentally friendly design.

A superb low  cost, high performance underwater CCTV camera for temporary or permanent underwater monitoring or surveillance in revers, seas or industrial processes.