Dylan Thomas

Answermaid Plus is a small, neat, unobtrusive system providing safety, security, convenience and control.  It intergrates a door intercom with the latest in CCTV technology, using your existing TV and video.

A visitor sees an elegant, compact bell push. Suprisingly, it contains:

  • A miniature camera.
  • A loudspeaker.
  • A microphone.
  • Infra-red lighting.
  • A door chime.

Inside the house or office, you have a small control console, viewed through your ordinary television or a monitor, you see and hear anything happening outside the front door.  You can talk to the visitors, or even record them on video tape.

Optional extras can open more eyes and ears - even doors:

  • Attach an extra camera with microphone to a motion detector to survey a garage, driveway or garden.  Use it inside if you wish to cover a particular area, i.e. the nursery or outside, i.e. to protect a vehicle parked in a drive.
  • Add a Door Latch Interface Unit and electronic door lock so that you can unlock your front door from your armchair.  This feature can be very useful for elderly or disabled persons.
  • Add a Video Controller to record who has visited you when you are not in.  This unit also puts the Time & Date on the tape.  When activated by either the door bell or a detector the Video Controller will automatically start & stop your VCR.  Always know who has visited your property & when.
  • Complete kit for easy installation, it can be used from the comfort of your armchair and comes complete with a wireless remote.
  • Answermaid Plus gives you safety, security, convenience and control at a very affordable price:

Costs Only 159.00 + 4.50 pnp + VAT.